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Automated Induction Bearing Heater Model UIH-2004

UIH-2004 Automated Induction Bearing Heater are ideally suited for heating Bearings and other Torque Transmitting Components like gears and couplings requiring interference fit. Bearing of all types and sizes including the Greased and Sealed types can be conveniently and safely heated for trouble free mounting.

Salient Features :
  • Quick energy saving method Totally safe (no risk of fire)
  • Uniform and controlled heating of bearings
  • Clean process.
Important Note -
  • Equipped With Mobile Application

Product Details :

Voltage 415 V
Power 11.0 / 12.0 KVA
Current 28 / 30 AMP
Model Name / Number UIH - 2003
Country of Origin Made in India
Temperature Control 0 - 250 Deg C
Maximum Temperature 400 Deg C
Accuracy Temperature +/- 3 Deg C
Residual Magnetism < 1A / cm
Overall Dimensions 590 x 330 x 370 mm
Brand Unitech